Cold Sores Treatment

Cold Sores On Lips

Did you get cold and you feet are soaking wet while waiting for transportation or taxi, or maybe on the opposite, did you sunburn on the beach? Do you have stress after a conversation with your boss or did you just recover from the bad flu? At first glance, there is nothing in common among the described situations. However, it is possible that in all these situations very soon you will feel inflammation and high fever, you will notice redness and itchy areas on your lips and nose, even on your eyes. At the beginning of the disease, overall weakness is also possible together with high body temperature. It will develop into appearance of cold painful sores filled with transparent liquid inside in the affected area. It is awful herpes, widely known as “cold” or “fever”.

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Many doctors are seriously concerned about the wide spread of herpes virus among population: they say that as of now about 80% of the adult population of the planet is infected with the Type I Herpes Simplex virus according to medical data. Some say that the real statistics should be close to 99%!

Infection with herpes can happen in early childhood and as it travels through lymph and blood, the virus spreads throughout the body and hides in the peripheral nerve nodes. It is quite strong because it is able to penetrate into the genome of cells of the nervous system. That’s why if the initial infection “took place”, it is impossible to get rid of the virus and it stays in the body forever. In a dormant stage, it may remain passive for years. However, under unfavorable external and internal factors (hypothermia or overheating of the body, infectious diseases, stress, weakened immune system, pregnancy, drug and alcohol use), the virus is activated to begin its destructive work.

A type I Herpes Virus is airborne and very contagious. It is possible to get it by using the same dish, a towel and other household items.

In most cases, repeated incidents of type I herpes pass unnoticed. However, if the virus gets into the eye mucosa, in 60% of cases there is a possible complication in the form of blindness
Most antiviral drugs to treat type I herpes contain the same active ingredient: Acyclovir or Zovirax. They differ only in the form (ointments, creams, tablets, suppositories, injectable solutions) and the dose of the active ingredient.

Zovirax is an antiviral medicine and type I herpes is highly sensitivity to it. The drug is effective due the fact that in the body it turns into an active substance that suppresses the reproduction of the virus. The cells infected with the virus accumulate acyclovir and stop virus replication. The medicine works fast and has a low toxicity. Taking it does not affect your normal life or hurt your health. It is advisable to start treatment as early as possible to prevent painful cold sores from appearing.


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Here is my story with Zovirax. Before I often treated herpes with different creams and pills. Finally, I decided to go to a doctor and get a qualified advice. The doctor recommended Zovirax in large dose for 10 days to take 1 g per day. He explained that if I take 200 mg tablet, then I have to take 5 pills per day. Because my condition was bad, despite the instruction recommendation to take it for 5 days, the doctor prescribed it to me for 10 days. Herpes usually means weak immune response. I had it often on the lips, but twice I had it on a leg (at the back of my knee, just above). It is sudden and painful, develops fast with sores and itch, than sores burst and turn into small wounds. I decided to take pills and to apply ointment. It seems that if you catch the first symptoms and take the pills you will recover much faster. Even a week with herpes is too long for me. In term of price. Zovirax is not expensive; it works fast and you ill notice results. Moreover it builds up a resistance and prevents future outbreaks of herpes (in a year I had only one outbreak)